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Devin Hicks

Devin has owned Tri-shore Yacht Services since 2005 and has worked for the company since 1994. Devin has an extensive background in yacht maintenance, electrical, mechanical, and computer design. 

Darren West
Shop Foreman

Darren has been with Tri-shore since 2004 and is a certified Marine Mechanic through BCIT. Now the shop foreman Darren is the second in command at Tri-shore. With years of experience on Granville Island and now at Reed Point, Darren excels in mechanical, electrical, electronics, furnace installations and everything else marine.

Paddy Burke
Electrical Specialist

Paddy has been with Tri-shore since 2012. Paddy has extensive marine experience in installation of electronics, furnace systems, etc. 

Luke Shore
Mechanical Apprentice

Luke is our newest employee. He has shown great promise and plans to start his apprenticeship with us in early 2020.

Mike 1.jpg
Mike Nowak
Diesel Engine Specialist

Mike has bee with Tri-Shore since 2014 and has completed the Marine Mechanic certification through BCIT with a specialization in diesel engines. 

Trisha Snider

Trisha is in charge of cleaning and detailing our customers boats. She's meticulous in nature and always goes the extra mile. She is also available to provision the galley or any other supplies you may need.

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